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Waterfronts – The Israel Water Alliance, is positioning Israel at the forefront of advanced global water solutions by creating a changing tide in the world water field. It is combining Israel's successful 58-year track record of developing technologically sophisticated water systems while working under a water shortage economy, with the country's entrepreneurial nature, innovative spirit, efficiency, reliability, capability to create integrated systems, in order to develop field-tested, cutting-edge technologies. Established in August 2005, Waterfronts is a non-governmental organization (NGO) representing a joint effort of the country’s foremost players in the water field. Its membership includes Mekorot Water Company – The Israel National Water Supplier – all of Israel’s university-based water research centers, prominent private sector companies in the water field, start-up companies, VC operations, technology incubators, private investors, the Israel Water Association, The Standards Institution of Israel, The Israel Manufacturer’s Association and The Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute. This merger of industrial and technological activities, know-how and expertise, R&D and business savvy is turning Israel into a leading water front.

Creating a Changing Tide in the Water Field

Waterfronts is dedicated to speeding up the process of developing worldwide water-saving solutions. In so doing, it will expand the export market of Israel’s water sector and help prevent the 35% global water shortage predicted over the next fifteen years.

A Vision Based on An Ocean of Innovations

Israel, known for An Ocean of Innovations, has already transformed a harsh desert terrain and become a leading source of agricultural produce and technologies. Its innovatve bent prompted the country to pioneer the concept of a national water carrier, low-pressure irrigation systems, water desalination, integrative flow and control management, as well as waste water treatment.

Our Agenda

• Actively encourage investors, Israeli academic research centers and private enterprises – existing companies and start-ups –to create the right infrastructure for developing new, breakthrough systems designed for a variety of water functions. • Support Israeli governmental efforts to make the water sector a strategic industry. • Create a new frontier for the Israeli economy. • Introduce a leading, comprehensive international standard for advcnaced water solutions. • Develop cooperative efforts and a dialogue between the Israeli and worldwide water communities. • Establish a leading international water exhibtion and conference. • Participate in worlwide conventions, seminars and exhibitions. • Promote academic research, industrial R&D and professional training. • Nurture a new generation of water engineers to tackle worldwide water shortages. • Help establish educational task forces to create an awareness about critical water issues.



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